Antminer S9-Hydro




Antminer S9-Hydro Specifications


Product Glance             Value
Product model S9 Hydro-18.0T
Hashrate, TH/s 18.00
Power efficiency on wall @25°CJ/TH 96.00
Adapted power supply model APW5
Adapted power supply, Watt / Volt 1728W / 220V
Detailed Characteristics                 Value
Min Typ Max
Hashrate & Power
Hashrate, TH/s   18.00 18.40
Power efficiency on wall @25°C, J/TH (1-1) 96.0 102.7
Power efficiency on wall @40°C, J/TH (1-2) 103.2 110.4
Power on wall, W (1-3) 1728 2031
Power Supply Input Range
Power supply input voltage, V AC (2-1) 200 220 265
Power Supply input Frequency Range, Hz (2-2) 47 50 63
Power supply input current, A (2-3)   7.85 10.16
Power Supply Safety Protection
Output Overcurrent Protection, A DC (3-1) 216   225
Low Voltage Input Protection, V AC 90   100
Hardware Configuration
Quantity of hash chips 216
Quantity of hash boards 4
Networking connection mode RJ45 ethernet 10/100M
Miner Size (Length*Width*Height), mm(4-1) 360*125*190
Net weight, kg (4-2)   5.15  
Noise, dBA @25°C  (4-3) 45 58
Environment Requirements
Water inlet temperature, °C    15 (5-1)   55
Water flow, L/min    5 (5-2)   15
Flow system pressure, kPa   50 300
Operation temperature, °C 0 25 40
Storage temperature, °C -40 25 85
Operation humidity, RH 5%   95%


(1-1) Miner test in 25°C temperature chamber. Heat exchanger and water pump power are included.
(1-2) Miner test in 40°C temperature chamber. Heat exchanger and water pump power are included.
(1-3) Typ condition: 25°C, min J/TH, typical Hashrate
Max condition: 40°C, max J/TH, max Hashrate
(2-1) Caution: Supply lower than 200V will cause APW5 protection or damage
Due to APW output power will be reduced by 50% under 200V input, and it is not enough for miner
(2-2) 220V AC Power Supply Frequency|
(2-3) Typ condition: Min Power on wall, 220V AC supply
Max condition: Max Power on wall, 180V AC supply
(3-1) During 220V AC input
(4-1) Without APW5 & Heat exchanger and water pump, including the bend pipes . APW5 L*W*H(mm) = 260*125*86
(4-2) Without APW5 & Heat exchanger, pump, including the bend pipes, APW5 net weight is 2.5kg
(4-3) Typ condition: 25°C, typical J/TH, typical Hashrate
Max condition: 40°C, max J/TH, max Hashrate
(5-1) Temperature should be no less than 15°C, and at least 3°C higher than dew point
(5-2) The external water source can appropriately reduce the flow according to the actual water temperature. Under this condition, the recommendation is no less than 2L/min.

Notes: The use of outdoor water sources (cooling towers, natural water sources) will cool the system more effectively than the Radiators & Accessories. The flow rate can be adjusted accordingly, but it is recommended to be no less than 2L/min. If the flow rate is too low, it will be greatly affected by the system resistance, which may lead to uneven branch flow.

Antminer S9-Hydro

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